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blood sample vs swab test difference
paternity testing

Blood Test vs Swab Test Difference

With the increase of DNA paternity testing in the U.S. and around the world. Often times some people are confused on which method is better to have their DNA samples collected. Is it a buccal swab test or a blood test?

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paternity testing in prison
paternity testing

Paternity Testing A Prison Inmate – Can It Be Done?

Yes. It is possible for an inmate to partake in a paternity test while being incarcerated. Unfortunately, the process is, not a cut and dry process. Each state prison may have a slightly different process in place to perform a DNA sample collection on its premises if allowed.

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legal paternity test
paternity testing

How to request a paternity test

Requesting a DNA test: Each paternity testing scenario is different and specific to your situation. In order to perform a paternity test the right way, you will first have to identify which testing option will be best suited for your specific situation.

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