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Paternity Testing Without The Mother

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, Does the mother have to be involved with a paternity test? The answer to this question is, It depends on your situation. For example, If an alleged father is not married to a mother and his name is not on the birth certificate. The alleged father would have to get permission from the mother for a legal paternity test.

If the father performs a non-legal paternity test. The alleged father does not need permission from the mother to test the child. It is important to remember a non-legal result can not be used for any legal purpose. In addition, New York State residents can not utilize this option due to the guidelines implemented by the New York State Department of Health. Only the legal DNA testing option can be used by New York State residents.

Is a motherless DNA test more accurate?

No. It is always recommended that the mother partakes in the paternity testing process. Adding the mother increases the probability of paternity. If the mother is unavailable. DNA testing with the father and child alone can still determine an accurate probability of paternity if in fact the father and child are biologically related.

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