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IDTO NJ DNA testing specializes in Paternity DNA test, Immigration DNA, Related DNA relationship testing, and DNA Sample Collections services. We have over 2,000 DNA sample collection centers in our network throughout the United States. Call us for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. Allow one of our specialists to walk you through the process as it pertains to your specific situation. We will arrange for the collection of samples at a time and place that’s convenient for you. For appointments call 888-204-0583 to get started.

It is important to note, that all legal paternity testing and related DNA testing services we offer are performed by a partner accredited AABB DNA laboratory to conduct a legal chain of custody testing.


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Paternity Test

Legal paternity testing is the easiest and most effective way to determine who the father of a child is. Some people are not sure who the biological father of their child is. This can happen in several ways. It can be that the mother of a child was involved with more than one man at the time she became pregnant.

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Immigration Test

Performing a DNA test for immigration purposes is an opportunity for the petitioner to submit evidence to USCIS, a U.S. Embassy, or Passport Agency to help prove a biological relationship. Click the button below to learn more. 

sibling dna testing

Sibling DNA Test

A Sibling DNA test is a test to help to determine a biological relationship between two or more brothers or sisters. It is important to note that it is always recommended if available to have the mother of at one sibling’s when performing a Sibling DNA Test.


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New Jersey DNA Testing & Sample Collection Services

All legal DNA and Paternity Testing sample collections have to be collected by an experienced certified DNA sample collector. IDTO has access to a network with thousands of collection sites nationwide. Therefore, scheduling an appointment in multiple states close to your home can be done.

If you would to schedule an appointment today please contact our office at 888-204-0583 to get started. Remember, We are here to help.

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Related New Jersey DNA Testing Questions

The cost of a DNA Test for New Jersey residents will depend on the type of test you perform. Pricing starts at $179.99 and up. To learn more about pricing please contact our office today at 888-203-0583 to get started.

When performing a DNA paternity test then you will need to have a state-issued identification like a driver’s license or passport. Please note, If the alleged father’s name is not on the birth certificate the mother or guardian of the child under the age of 18 will need to be present and give permission for the child to partake in a DNA Test. If you would like to coordinate an appointment. Please contact our office today at 888-204-0583 to get started.

The turnaround time for you to receive your results is 1 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all genetic samples. upon completion, a copy of your DNA testing results will be emailed to you and a physical copy will be mailed out to your home.