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What is Grandparent DNA Testing?

A Grandparent DNA test is a DNA test that helps to confirm the probability of a biological relationship between a grandmother or grandfather or both grandparents with an alleged grandchild. Often times a grandparentage tests will be used to help to determine the probability of paternity when an alleged father is unavailable to perform a paternity test. The most common scenario a grandparent DNA test is performed is to establish paternity, deceased father or, alleged father is uncooperative or unavailable to be tested. IDTO recommends that the biological mother partakes in the testing process if she is available for testing.

The most common situation to perform this type of DNA test are for peace of mind and/or for Social Security benefits. It is important to note, that you can use a grandparent test result for legal purposes.

At-Home Grandparentage DNA tests Kit

An IDTO At-Home Peace of Mind grandparent DNA test kit allows a grandparent or grandchild to perform a DNA sample collection in the comfort of their home to help confirm the probability of a biological relationship between grandparents and a grandchild or grandchildren. This testing option can not be used for legal purposes.

Please note: Due to New York State Department of Health guidelines an at-home grandparentage test kits are can be sold to New York State residents. How much does it cost to do an at-home grandparent test kit? An at-home peace of mind grandparentage DNA testing kit starts at $259.99. Call IDTO at 888-204-0593 to learn more.

An IDTO legal Grandparentage DNA test result can be used for the purposes of submitting court-admissible evidence to a Judge, Social Security or even for immigration purposes to submit secondary evidence if provided the option by immigration to help confirm the probability of a biological relationship between grandparents and grandchild. This testing option is currently the only option that can be used to establish a relationship in New York State.

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How much does it cost for legal grandparent tests?

The cost for a legal grandparent DNA test begins at $450.00. Call IDTO at 888-204-0593 to learn more.

How long will it take me to receive my result?

The turnaround time for your family’s result is 2 to 3 business days from the date in which the lab receives all of the DNA samples. Same-day results are available for an additional cost. The services we provide are fast, accurate and affordable. Call IDTO at 888-204-0593 to learn more about this option.

How does a grandparent test work?

Getting started is simple. Please contact our office today at 888-204-0593 and allow one of IDTO DNA Consultants to assist you with your family and their DNA relationship testing needs today.

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