How Does DNA Testing Work For Paternity?

how does paternity testing work

If you need a paternity test this post what you can expect from our paternity testing service.

A paternity test normally includes an alleged father and child or children. It is recommended that the mother if available participate in the paternity test. Involving the mother increases the accuracy of the DNA testing process. A child receives 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 from the father. When the mother is involved the lab can identify the mother contributes to the child and this allows the lab to exclude the mother’s contribution and focus on the alleged father’s DNA to determine the probability of paternity or exclude the alleged father as being the biological father.

The first step is to contact our office at 888-204-0583 or locally at 347-735-5490 and allow one of our DNA consultants the opportunity to assist you with the best paternity testing option (At-home or legal) you may require for your specific situation.

Once you decide on your option. Our consultants will help find the closest DNA sample collection site in your city. It is important to note, that all appointments are by appointment only, and we do not have walk-in facilities. To coordinate an appointment. We do require a payment to secure your appointment date and time. If you are purchasing an at-home paternity test kit. Full payment will be required. To inquire or order a paternity test. Please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583 or locally at 347-735-5490.

After your appointment has been coordinated your samples will be collected and shipped back to the lab for processing. The average turnaround time to receive your result is 2 to 3 business from the date in which the lab received your samples.

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