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Going through the IVF treatment process can be a very emotional process for many couples. Over the years, there has been an increase in families finding out years after the birth of their child is born that their child is not biologically related to them.

How can this happen? There are two reasons how something like this may happen. One is human error. Which is no excuse but does happen in all walks of life, and two, intentional. However, when the mishap occurs the couple is the one that feels the hurt and loses trust in the IVF facility and IVF treatment process.

In Vitro DNA Testing 

Performing a paternity test and a maternity test soon after the child is born is an excellent opportunity for couples to confirm the biological relationship of their newborn child. IDTO since 2004 has assisted many families in confirming their biological relationship with their child. What we have discovered in our conversations with couples over the years is that the sooner they performed a DNA test after birth. It provided couples an opportunity to immediately have a conversation with the facility if an error had occurred.

The couple would then have an opportunity to sue the company that performed the procedure as opposed to waiting several years to take legal action. What some people have said is, the longer couples wait to challenge or inquire about what they believe to be a mistake on the facility’s behalf. The difficult and more expensive it can become. This especially true for immigration-related cases where a family may be required to perform a DNA test. 

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Legal Paternity Testing

Best options:

Often times couples are uncertain on which DNA testing option they should perform, A peace of mind DNA test or legal DNA test. The recommended way to handle this is to consider how you would like to use your DNA test result first. If you plan on suing an IVF facility. A legal paternity and/or maternity test result is the option you will need.

If you do not plan on utilizing your result for any legal purpose, then a peace of mind paternity test would be a more cost-effective option. Please keep in mind that the peace of mind DNA home kit option does not apply to New York State residents.

How will my sample be collected? Most genetic samples are collected by way of buccal swab collection. Blood testing options can be performed at selected locations for an additional cost. It is important to note that the accuracy between buccal swab and blood have a similar accuracy.

Getting a paternity test and a maternity test appointment:

If you are a couple and are in need of parentage DNA testing services. Please contact IDTO and allow one of our relationship testing consultants the opportunity to coordinate an appointment for you today. The number to call is 888-204-0583 to get started.

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