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DNA Sibling Tests

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, Can DNA testing help to determine a sibling relationship? The answer is, Yes. There are two possible options siblings can explore based on their situation.

Option 1. Full Sibling DNA Test – This option helps to determine if two or more siblings share the same mother and father.

Option 2. Half Sibling DNA Test – This option helps to determine if two siblings share a single parent. In most cases, Half Sibling DNA tests are performed to help determine whether the siblings share the same father. This test can also be used to help determine if two siblings share the same mother if needed.

It is highly recommended if the mother of one or both siblings if available be tested. Adding the mother(s) to your DNA test will help to determine a more conclusive result. The most common use for this testing option is to help determine if two half-siblings share the same biological father.

Can A Sibling DNA Test be used for Legal Purposes?

Yes. A legal sibling test result can be used to as evidence to prove a biological relationship if requested by a judge or governmental institution.

What makes a Legal Sibling DNA Test result legal?

Legal DNA testing is the process of creating a proper legal chain of custody performed under the strict supervision of an AABB accredited lab. 


No. Home peace of mind DNA sibling test kits are for informational purposes only. Your DNA test result will also reflect that you performed an information DNA test as opposed to a legal Sibling DNA Test. If you would like to order a home DNA test kit today please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583.

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