Can A Y Chromosome DNA Test
Be Used To Determine Paternity?

y chromosome paternity test

What is a Y Chromosome Paternity Test?

A Y Chromosome DNA test is a test that can be used to help determine a biological relationship in the paternal line of an alleged father. The Y chromosome exists only in males. Therefore, the Y chromosome is past down from father to son untouched. If for any reason an alleged father is unavailable to perform a paternity test and the alleged father has a brother, uncle or his father available. Performing a Y Chromosome DNA test is an excellent option to help determine the biological relationship of a child when the alleged father is unavailable to be tested.

How long does s Y STR DNA test result take to come back?

The average turnaround time for the Y Chromosome DNA test is 5 to 7 business days from the date in which the lab receives your samples.

What is the difference between an Ancestry DNA Test and DNA relationship test?

Ancestry uses a different technique to examine a different genetic marker than is used for forensics or paternity testing. They use what is called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP – pronounced SNIP) – these are single base pair changes in the DNA sequence – we have lots and lots of lots of SNPs in our DNA. SNPs have been widely studied and are used in many genetic studies.

Ancestry has several types of data they report – because they have a large database of SNPs and a large database of individuals who have been tested, they can ‘align’ the SNP data obtained from a client to their database and try to make sense of this comparison.

In the comparison of the SNP polymorphisms (i.e., the changes in the SNPs that we all have) they come up with ancestry or origin – turns out we are all ‘mutts’ (using a term used for canines) and different parts of our DNA align more or less with different parts of the DNA of different parts of the world – this is where the percentage Scots, or percentage African or percentage whatever comes in.

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