Can A Woman Force A Paternity Test?

can a mother refuse to take a paternity test

No. The mother of a child can not force a man to take a paternity test involuntarily. The mother and the alleged father can not agree on taking a paternity test. The only option for a mother attempting to establish paternity is to file a paternity petition with the Family Court. If the judge accepts your petition. The judge or magistrate will issue a court order.

In the event, the alleged father refuses to show up in court. The judge will hold the alleged father in contempt and rule in the mother’s favor.

Can a man force a paternity test on the mother of his child?

No. An alleged father can not force a mother to make her child take a paternity test. The same rules apply when the situation is in reverse. An alleged father will have to file a paternity petition with the court If the judge agrees with the petition a court order will be issued to the mother or legal guardian of the child. If the mother refuses to show up in court. The judge may issue the mother in contempt of court.

Can Social Services force a DNA test on the alleged father?

As we understand it, Social Services/Child Services can file for a DNA paternity test on behalf of a mother who is currently receiving services from Social Services. Mothers who are not receiving any Social Services assistance are not eligible for Social Services help with filing for DNA testing on their behalf. We strongly recommend that you consult with a Family Law Attorney in your state to learn more about how your state laws work as it pertains to legally admissible paternity testing in your state and the role Social Services may play with the paternity testing process.

In closing, it is important to note both alleged fathers and mothers can not be forced to perform a paternity test against their will. But, it should be noted that if one of the party’s files a paternity petition with the court and a court order is issued there will be consequences should a person decide to refuse to perform a paternity test.

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