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Our Mission:

IDTO is a provider of professional DNA sample collection and DNA testing services to families in the U.S. and worldwide. Since 2004, our goal has been to provide families an opportunity to experience informative, professional and affordable DNA relationship testing high-quality services.

What To Expect From Our Service

  • Fast, Accurate & Affordable results in 2-3 business days. Same-day results are available,
  • Services: Paternity Testing, Sibling DNA testing, Grandparent DNA testing, Maternity Testing, etc.
  • Professional & Experienced DNA Sample Collection Technicians with over 10 plus years of experience.
  • Easy appointment set-up
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Mobile DNA sample collections (available in selected areas)
  • Results are recognized by the USCIS, Embassies, Passport Agencies, and Family Court.
  • All DNA testing samples will be performed and processed under strict supervision with a partner AABB Accredited Parentage Laboratory. 

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