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legal paternity test

What is a Legal DNA Test?

A legal paternity test is a DNA test that helps to determine if an alleged father is biologically related to a child. What makes a DNA test result a legal document is a proper chain of custody. The chain of custody allows a paternity test result to be legally admissible in court.

What happens to my DNA samples?

All genetic cotton swabs DNA samples will be collected and sealed by a professional and experienced DNA sample collector. Once your DNA samples are collected. The samples will be packaged and ship directly to the laboratory for processing. The average turnaround time for your result is 1 to 3 business days from the date in which the lab receives all DNA samples.

Important note: All genetic samples collected are performed under the strict supervision of an AABB accredited laboratory to conduct legal chain of custody testing.

Court admissible paternity test: How to get started?

There are only two ways to submit a a DNA test result as evidence in court.

1. A judge must issue a court order to help establish paternity.

2.  Perform a DNA test before filing a paternity petition. Option 2  is the ideal option but it will require the alleged father and mother to communicate effectively in order for option 2 to work. We recommends having the mother involved with the DNA test for increased accuracy of your result. Regardless of the category of your specific situation may fall under. Please contact IDTO at 888-204-0583 to coordinate an appointment today.

How much does a legal paternity test cost?

IDTO legal DNA paternity testing services start at $325.00 and up. If you are in need of a more affordably priced paternity testing. Please check out our peace of mind non-legal home DNA test kit to learn more. If you are in need of accurate and affordable legal paternity testing services. Please do not hesitate to contact IDTO at 888-204-0583 to coordinate an appointment today.

Where do I get a legal paternal test near me?

If you require relationship testing services. Please do not hesitate to contact IDTO today at 888-204-0583We have access to network of over 2500 sample collection facilities nationwide.

Can I use my test results for my child support case?

Yes. All legal paternity tests are admissible in court.

How long will it take for me to receive my paternity test results?

The average turnaround time for you to receive your results will be 1 to 3 days. Once the labs receive all samples associated with your DNA test. When your test 

Most common uses for a legal DNA test:

Child Support

Birth Certificate


Social Security

Frequently Asked Questions

If a man believes he may be the biological father of a child and the mother will not agree to perform a paternity test. The alleged father can file a paternity petition with the court. Now, if the child has a presumed father recognized by the state. It will be difficult to file a paternity action after the age of five. Please note, the information provided in this post is for informational purposes. We recommend conversing with an attorney in your state to learn more about your options.

It is not a requirement to have an attorney involved with performing a paternity test to establish paternity. What we recommend is learning more about the paternity laws in your and see whether your situation will warrant you acquiring the services of an attorney.

Knowing whether or not you need a legal DNA test will essentially depend on you and the situation you are currently in. No responsible DNA testing company would dictate to you how you should proceed with a DNA test. Our focus is to provide people with the necessary information about the DNA test they are inquiring about based on their current situation.

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