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What is a Y STR DNA Test?

At-Home Y STR DNA Test Kit

Y Chromosome DNA Test is a test to determine whether two males are biologically related through their paternal line.

Every male on the planet has a Y chromosome. The Y Chromosome is passed down from father to son untouched. The circumstance in which a man may want to perform this type of DNA test occurs when the biological father is unavailable to be tested.

If the alleged father’s parents and siblings are unavailable to be tested and, the male child has a male cousin from his alleged uncle (father’s biological brother who shares the same father). Then the Y STR (Short Random Repeat) DNA test would be an excellent option to support the probability of a biological relationship when no other family reconstruction DNA test can be performed. 

It should be noted, this type of DNA test can only prove biological relatedness and not actual relationships. For example, this test cannot definitively show if two men are siblings. What it can help determine as stated earlier is that the two men share the same paternal line.

The results for this testing option cannot be used for any legal purposes.

How much does a Y DNA Test test at home?

The price of a Y DNA Test starts at $399.99. Click the button below to purchase.

y chromosome dna test

DNA Test Kit Contents

  • 4-6 Sterilized cheek swabs each packet has 2 swabs per person
  • Contact Identification Form
  • Sample collection instructions
  • Prepaid overnight FedEx return shipping envelope
at home y dna test kit process

How the process works:

Getting started with a peace of mind paternity test is simple. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect from our At-Home Paternity Testing process.

  1. Order below or contact our office at 888-204-0583 to purchase your DNA kit by phone.
  2. After you purchase your test kit, please allow up to 24 hours or one business day to ship your kit to your home.
  3. Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions on how to collect your DNA samples. Sign the chain-of-custody form. Place all of the contents you receive inside of the prepaid return envelope you received and ship your genetic samples back to the lab for analysis.
  4. When the lab receives all of your genetic samples. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your results to be completed. Upon the completion of your results, a copy will be sent to your physical home address and a copy will be sent by email.

Y-Chromosome DNA testing, often referred to as a male lineage test, is a genetic testing method used to establish a direct paternal line.

This type of DNA test focuses on the Y chromosome, which is passed down from father to son virtually unchanged. Since only males carry a Y chromosome, this test is specific to determining male ancestry and can be a powerful tool in legal cases where paternity needs to be established or verified.

When a Y-Chromosome DNA test is conducted for legal purposes, such as in child support disputes, social security benefits, inheritance claims, or child custody cases, it must follow a strict chain of custody to be admissible in court.

This means that the test must be conducted by an accredited laboratory, with the sample collection and handling being documented and certified by a third-party to ensure that the samples have not been tampered with.

Schedule an Appointment:

The process is simple, We have access to over 2000 collection site nationwide in our network. Please contact IDTO today at 888-204-0583 to schedule an appointment.

Results Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround is 2 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all genetic samples.


All legal DNA testing services we offer are performed by our partner AABB-accredited DNA Testing Laboratory for the purpose of establishing a proper legal chain of custody for evidence submission.


Please note that the IDTO DNA Testing Center’s partner laboratory does not share any personal or genetic information with third-party companies.

All information provided to our partner laboratory is kept secure and will only be released to third parties with the explicit consent of the participants involved or by court order. DNA samples on file are kept for 3 months on average and then destroyed.

Related Questions

Is Y Chromosome identical between a father and sons?

The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son largely unchanged, so it is nearly identical between a father and his sons. However, small changes, known as mutations, can occur during DNA replication when the chromosomes are passed on.

These mutations are generally rare, so the Y chromosome remains a consistent marker for patrilineal inheritance and can be used in genetic studies tracing male lineage. Despite the high degree of similarity, it is not absolutely identical in every single case due to the potential for these mutations.