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What is an Avuncular DNA Test (Aunt/Uncle)?

An Avuncular DNA test is a DNA testing option that helps to determine the probability of a biological relationship between an alleged Aunt and her alleged niece or nephew. This test can also help to determine the probability of a biological relationship between an alleged Uncle and his niece or nephew. This testing option ensures your DNA samples will be tested anywhere between 18-24 markers.

Why would I need to perform an Avuncular test?

People who perform an Avuncular DNA test do so when an alleged father, the alleged father’s parents, or siblings of the alleged father are unavailable to be tested with the child in question.

Avuncular DNA Testing: Can the accuracy be increased?

There are two ways an Avuncular DNA test is tested either with the biological mother being included along with the aunt or uncle and her child. The second option would be without the child’s mother being included in the DNA test.

Having the mother involved in the DNA test allows the laboratory to isolate the mother’s genetic contribution to her child. The remaining 23 markers will be tested and analyzed with either the Aunt or Uncle. Remember, having the mother involved in a family reconstruction DNA test is always recommended even when performing a standard paternity test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform an Avuncular DNA Test if the other person lives in a different city?

Yes. If there is another person that needs to be tested in a different city or state. We will be able to coordinate or, ship an additional DNA test kit.

The price for a standard Avuncular DNA test starts at $279.99 and up. Please contact IDTO today to order a DNA test kit or to schedule an appointment at 888-204-0583 to get started.

Yes. A different sample can be used like Q-Tips, A Toothbrush, or Fingernails just to name a few. We recommend that you contact our office before acquiring your Forensic DNA sample. The number to call is 888-204-0583 today.