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What is a Sibling DNA Test? 

A sibling DNA test is a test that helps potential siblings determine if they share a common parent or parents by testing the genetic material (DNA) of the two possible siblings. This testing option is often used when an alleged biological father is unavailable to be tested and as an alternative, a sibling test can be performed. The test can also be used if the mother is unavailable.

Sibling DNA Testing Types

How the siblingship testing works, there are three options in which a sibling test can be performed.

Full vs Unrelated – This testing option helps to determine if the tested persons share both father and mother or if they are completely unrelated to one another. This comes many times for siblings who were adopted at birth and may find each other through researching their Ancestry. Another common use for this testing option is for Immigration evidence submission to support a claimed biological relationship.

Half vs Unrelated – This testing option helps to determine if two tested persons have different mothers and want to know if they share the same biological father. If this is your specific circumstance. e recommend one mother of the tested siblings participate if available to help increase the accuracy of your DNA test results.

Full vs Half – This testing option helps to determine if two test siblings who share the same biological mother want to determine if they share the same biological father. We also recommend that the mother participates in the testing process if available.

Oftentimes this testing option is performed when family members are uncertain due to family facial features or through conversation between family members about possible uncertainty regarding paternity.

DNA Sample Collection: How are my samples collected?

All DNA samples are collected by way of a buccal swab. This method requires a sterilized cotton buccal swab to be placed inside of the mouth of the sibling and brushed against the cheek on both the left and right sides. The process of acquiring the cheek DNA sample should last a  minimum of 30 seconds or more.

After the collector collects samples from one cheek. The buccal swab will be placed inside of an envelope and the same will be done for the second DNA sample collection of the other cheek.

Buccal swab sample collections are the industry standard another common method is by using blood sample collections. Regardless of which method is used both testing options have the same accuracy.

legal sibling test

Legal DNA Test For Siblings: Is it possible? 

Yes. A sibling DNA test can be used for legal purposes. In order to perform legal sibling testing, a chain of custody must be established. Both siblings will have their DNA samples collected by an unbiased third-party DNA sample collector.  Copies of your state-issued ID and a headshot photo of all of the people involved with your sibling DNA test. Each person will sign the chain of custody and all of the items will be shipped back to the laboratory to be tested and analyzed.

Please note: All legal DNA testing services we provide are performed with a partner AABB accredited laboratory to ensure a proper legal chain of custody. Only labs that are AABB accredited are recognized by Family Courts, Immigration, or any State institution that may require proof of a biological relationship.

home dna sibling testing

At-Home Sibling Testing Kit (Non-legal)

A Home DNA Sibling Test Kit allows you to perform this test in the comfort of home. This testing option does require a third-party DNA sample collector. Instead, you collect your own genetic samples in the comfort of your home. Sign the enclosed chain of custody form and place all of the contents of your DNA test kit into a prepaid return shipping envelope returning back to the lab.

It should be noted, Home Sibling DNA Tests cannot be used for any legal purpose because it does not establish a proper chain of custody.

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How long will it take for me to receive my DNA Sibling Testing results?

The average turnaround time for results to be completed is 2 to 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all genetic samples.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or order a Home Sibling DNA Test Kit. Please contact our office today at 888-204-0583.