There are times were performing a conventional paternity test using cheek swab samples may not be viable. Using hair as an alternative sample could prove to be a good secondary option if the circumstances allow. In this post, we will discuss how the paternity testing with hair process works.

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What is a paternity test using hair?

This is a forensic DNA test using hair follicle samples to help determine a biological relationship between an alleged father and child.

How should hair samples be collected?

Hair follicle samples being used for paternity testing purposes need to be pulled from the scalp or another area of the body. Cutting hair does not have the follicle (root) therefore lab will not be able to process your hair sample being that the follicle is part of the hair strand used for the lab to extract a DNA profile.

What To Expect From The Process:

Step 1.

Click here to purchase a kit online or contact our office at 888-204-0583 to purchase an IDTO Home Hair DNA test kit.

Step 2.

After you purchase your kit, the kit will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase.

Step 3.

Once you receive your Home DNA test kit. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 4.

After you collect your samples and complete the chain of custody form. Place all of the items inside your prepaid return shipping envelope going back to the lab.

Step 5.

When all samples arrive at the laboratory testing will begin. The average turnaround for your results will be 2 to 3 days.

Step 6.

Upon the completion of your results, a copy of your results will sent to your home and a copy will be sent to your email.

How much does a Hair DNA Test cost?

The cost for a Home Hair DNA test starts $299.99 and up. Click the button below to purchase now.

Turnaround Time

The average turnaround time for results to be completed is 2 to 3 business days from the date the lab received all DNA samples. Upon the completion of your test, a copy will be emailed to you and another copy will mailed to your home


The accuracy of the hair follicle paternity test will depend on the quality of the hair sample. If the hair samples are kept in good condition. There’s over 90% chance the lab will be able to produce a genetic profile that can be compared to the other person.

In the event, the conditions of the hair samples were kept are less than ideal. There is a 50% chance that the sample will be degraded.

Please note, If your circumstance allows the most effective way to collect DNA samples is cheek swab samples. Hair samples can be an effective option under certain circumstances but are not as effective as cheek swab samples.


Due to the New York State Dept of Health guidelines residents of New York State are unable to purchase this or any Home DNA Test.

Can hair DNA tests be used legally?

Yes, there is a circumstance in which hair could be used for legal purposes. To perform a legal paternity test using hair the circumstance would have to exist where on of the participants is deceased.

Hair samples will have to be in the possession of the funeral home, medical examiner, or coroner’s office. Usually when we are faced with this type of request. A judge had issued a court order for paternity testing to take place with hair.

Please note, If for any reason the hair follicle samples are not collected and stored by a medical facility or funeral home. The hair samples cannot be used for legal purposes only for peace of mind use only.

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