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Hair DNA Testing with Siblings

One of the most asked questions we receive when it comes to using hair follicle samples is, Can I use hair to perform a DNA test with my sibling? The answer to this question is, Yes!

The same principles apply to using hair for a paternity test. Each hair strand must have a root. The root is the little white spec at the bottom of the hair follicle. Attempting to determine a biological relationship with a sibling with this method is not the most ideal but, hair samples can be used to perform a sibling DNA test. The most ideal sample is the buccal swab sample. When using hair samples or any forensic DNA sample. These samples’ effectiveness depends greatly on how the samples are handled.

How to handle hair follicle samples?

If you are looking to perform a DNA test using hair samples. It is important you acquire the hair samples by using tweezers to remove at least 8 to 10 hair strands from the tested party’s head or arm. If you are unable to use tweezers. Acquiring hair follicle samples can be collected from a brush or comb. It is important to note, regardless of what method of hair follicle retrieval you decide. Each hair sample must have a root (white spec) at the bottom of the hair sample.

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What is the cost for a sibling DNA test using hair?

Pricing starts at $375.00 for two siblings. Please contact IDTO today to share your specific situation because pricing will vary depending on your specific situation.

Can I use a hair DNA test for legal purposes?

No. Unless a judge specifically requests this type of DNA test to be performed. The most common circumstance that comes to mind is an estate case. This is where a sibling, most likely a half-sibling might have to prove a biological relationship in order to acquire an ownership stake in an estate.

If you would like to perform a hair DNA test to help determine a siblingship relationship to prove a shared biological father or for an estate. Please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583 to get started.