DNA Testing In The Military

Paternity Testing in the Military: What You Need to Know

paternity testing in the military

Military members seeking paternity testing will need to go through civilian channels, as the military does not cover these services. IDTO is a reliable option for accurate, legal paternity testing for those serving in the armed forces.

TRICARE insurance does not cover paternity testing because it is not considered a medical procedure. The military views establishing paternity as a civilian legal matter and follows standard civilian regulations. Military commanders cannot order paternity tests without a court order.

While at-home DNA test kits are now prohibited for military use due to security concerns, legal paternity tests from accredited labs like IDTO are still permitted. IDTO provides court-admissible results following strict procedures.

Here is a brief overview of military regulations on paternity:

  • Army – AR 608-99 prohibits commanding officers from ordering DNA tests. Testing requires a court order.
  • Air Force – AFI 36-2906 states commanders cannot make determinations about paternity.
  • Marines – MCO P5800.16A requires a court order for paternity testing.
  • Navy – Milsperson 1754-030 says paternity is a civilian legal matter.

Military members may have to provide child support if there is a court order or acknowledgment of paternity. Benefits like ID cards can be granted with proof of paternity.

Does the military pay for paternity testing?

No. Unfortunately, Tricare does not cover DNA testing. The Military’s coverage does not include services like DNA paternity testing because this service is not categorized as a medical procedure.

It is important to note that the military views paternity establishment as a civilian issue. Therefore the laws that a civilian has to abide by are the same laws for military personnel. As we understand it, the military can not force an alleged father or mother of a child to perform a DNA test without a court order.

Which DNA tests are banned for military use?

Ancestry DNA Testing companies like 23andme and AncestryDNA were deemed security risks to military personnel back in 2020. This is to due to the ancestry being unregulated which raises concerns about exploitation.

Please note, DNA relationship testing services performed by an AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks) lab are recognized by both immigration offices and family courts nationwide. In other words, military personnel can perform a paternity test.

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