How many Countries have Mandatory Paternity Testing?

countries with mandatory paternity testing

How many countries have mandatory paternity testing?

Currently, we are unaware of any country that has mandatory paternity testing at this time. The only country that we are aware of that has some form of mandatory rule regarding DNA is Kuwait.

Apparently, legislators in Kuwait have passed a law that will require all of the 1.3 million-plus citizens as well as the 2.9 million foreign residents to submit a DNA sample. The DNA sample will be entered into a database to prevent any acts of counter terrorism. The Kuwaiti government believes it will improve the security of the country.

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Is it illegal to get a paternity test in the U.S.?

No. performing a paternity test is not illegal to perform in the United States. When performing a DNA test you should keep in mind that consent is needed to use a legally admissible document.

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