Paternity Testing In France

Are Home DNA tests illegal in France?

As we currently understand it, France has banned the sale and use of home peace of mind paternity test kits. French officials believe that home paternity test kits contribute to the promotion of family disagreements and arguments which may lead to family breakups. Hence the reason why Home genetic tests are deemed illegal.

If a Home DNA test is performed in France and the purchaser of the Home DNA test kit is caught he or she will run the risk of being imprisoned for at least a year. With the threat of facing imprisonment. Many alleged fathers are still performing Home DNA paternity tests to gain peace of mind.

Yes. In fact, legal paternity testing is the only way a paternity test can be performed without consequence. If a Judge has required a paternity test to be performed or if you are paternity test for evidence submission for immigration purposes.

France has strict circumstances in which a paternity test may be performed. As always, we recommend that you speak with a Family Law legal professional in France to inquire about the circumstances and consequences of performing a paternity test.

In Which countries is DNA testing illegal?

Currently, we are aware of two countries France and Germany who have banned direct-to-consumer DNA test kits.

Are genealogy ancestry DNA tests illegal in France?

We believe all direct-to-consumer ancestry tests fall under the ban on home genetic testing kits.


If you reside in France and you are looking to purchase a non-legal paternity test you must be mindful that purchasing Home DNA test kits are banned and illegal.

If you require paternity testing in France you will have to perform testing legally. If you would like to perform a Home Paternity Test and you live in France you may have to travel to a neighboring country to alleviate the risk of being fined or jailed to purchase a Home DNA Test Kit.

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