BLOOD vs swab dna testing

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mouth swab dna testing vs blood samples

Mouth Swab DNA Testing & Blood DNA Testing Differences

With the increase of DNA paternity testing in the U.S. and around the world. Often times some people are confused on which method is better to have their DNA samples collected. Is it a buccal swab test or a blood test? The reason for the discussion is due to blood sample collection was the first method used and people have become accustomed to having their blood drawn. 

Today, with the advancements in science both blood sample collection testing and buccal swab sample collection testing have similar accuracy. Therefore, using a cotton buccal swab to collect your samples is an efficient way for you to perform a paternity test. Below are some advantages to using buccal swabs vs blood sample collections.

Swab Paternity Test


  • The main pro for using buccal swabs is that there is no pain. Being that no one will feel pain people who have fear of needles and/or dislike pain can have a better experience having their samples collected.
  • Easier transit back to the lab and if necessary you can collect your own samples.


  • The biggest con with buccal swabs is making sure that all swab samples are properly aired dried before placing them into your the assigned envelope. If your samples are too moist there is a possibility that the swab may attract bacteria that may compromise the sample.

Blood DNA Paternity Test


  • It is still an effective sample collection method to help determine paternity or related DNA relationship tests.


  • This sample collection option is more delicate therefore if the samples have to be handled and packaged more safely.
  • This method of sample collection is much more painful than the buccal swab method.
  • The cost of this collection option is more expensive.
  • Cannot be self-collected unless a dried bloodstain on a napkins is being submitted to be tested.

In closing, buccal swab sample collection has similar accuracy as blood sample collection testing. Regardless of which option you decide to use. It is important to remember both methods are effective options when performing a paternity test. If you would like to learn more about DNA testing services. Please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583 to schedule an appointment.

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