Confidential Paternity Test:
Can Anyone Access My Results?

confidential paternity testing

Are my paternity test results confidential?

Yes! IDTO understands the importance of keeping DNA testing results confidential. Our client’s privacy is key because we understand the sensitive nature of the environment in which we live as it pertains to our personal information being accessed by people without your permission.

Can anyone contact your company to acquire my result?

No. If someone other than yourself contacts our office inquiring about your DNA test result. The person will be turned away. We have a specific protocol in place we must adhere to before any information can be released. Part of our protocol is contacting our clients to notify them someone has inquired about their DNA test results.

If the client wants to share the result with an independent third party. The client must confirm the release in writing before we release the result. We make every effort to make sure, you (the client) are involved if someone attempts to access your DNA result.

Is the privacy of a result different between a legal test and a non-legal test?

No. The protocol remains the same for both legal and non-legal paternity tests when it comes to your privacy. Remember, only the people involved with your DNA paternity test dictate who receives a copy of your result regardless of your testing option.

Does IDTO sell my information to other companies?

No. All of the information we collect is used for the purposes of performing your DNA test. We are not in the business of selling our client’s information.

Can the mother of my child stop the biological father from knowing his DNA paternity test result?

There is no one-word answer to this question. Normally, the mother and the alleged father who will be performing the DNA test with the child come to an understanding of who will receive a copy of the result. Your assigned caseworker will confirm with you before the DNA test who shall receive a copy of the result and know the outcome of the result. IDTO defers to our clients who should have received a copy of the result.

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