Can You Perform A DNA Test In Two Different States?

Performing a paternity test when you have another party in another state is a question often asked by people who inquire about paternity testing when they contact our office. The answer to this question is, Yes! It is possible to coordinate an appointment when two or more parties are located in different states.

The potential challenge for some people is not the coordination of the appointment by IDTO but, whether or not both parties actually want to perform a paternity test. In order for this to work all parties, involved must agree to DNA testing. If all parties agree then coordinating your appointment is simple if we have a partner collection site in-network in or near your city to collect your sample.

Next, It is important to determine how you would like to use your DNA test result. Do you need the result for legal purposes like child support, child custody, or a birth certificate name change? If you answered yes, then a legal paternity test would be the best option. Learn more about our legal paternity testing service here. It is also important to note, If you are a New York State resident you will be required to acquire one of the following four instruments in order to perform a paternity test.

1. A court order,

2. A prescription from a New York State licensed doctor or,

3. A letter requesting paternity testing from a New York State licensed Attorney and,

4. A letter requesting additional evidence from a governmental agency like USCIS.

If you are performing a paternity test for peace of mind purposes than an At-Home DNA test kit is the best most inexpensive option. Shipping DNA test kits to two different locations is a lot simpler to coordinate than arranging sample collections at a DNA sample collection site. Learn more about At-Home DNA Testing Kit here. Please keep in mind that this option does not apply to New York State residents currently. Only the legal DNA testing option is available for New Yorkers. It does not matter if the other party is located in another state. The New York State resident must adhere to New York State DNA testing guidelines as per the New York State Department of Health.

Can I do a DNA test in two different countries?

Yes. Performing a DNA test when another party lives in another country is possible. The key difference is our partner DNA Parentage Laboratory does not have satellite DNA sample collection facilities worldwide. Therefore, coordinating an appointment can be a challenge. It would be important for the party abroad to contact a doctor, medical clinic or hospital in their country or city to inquire if the facility would be willing to collect your DNA sample from a DNA testing company in the U.S. If they answer, yes. Acquire all of the facility’s contact information and have it available when coordinating an appointment with IDTO. If you would like to learn more about international DNA testing please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583.