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At Home DNA Test with Hair Sample

Hair DNA tests can be sort of tricky when using this discreet DNA testing option. For example, When acquiring a hair sample you must make sure each hair follicle collected has a root. The root of a hair follicle has a white spec at its base. It is the white spec (root) that is tested and analyzed to attempt to determine the probability of paternity. At least 8-10 hair follicle samples must be acquired and placed in a paper envelope and labeled until you are ready to ship the sample.

Most people acquire hair samples before speaking with a DNA testing company. We always recommend you consult with an IDTO DNA consultant. In the event, you are reading this post and you already collected hair samples. Please check the hair sample now. If the hair samples do not have the white speck at the root end of the hair follicle. Then you will be required to collect more hair samples in order to perform a Hair DNA test.

How do I get started:

– The process is simple. All you have to do is contact IDTO and purchase a DNA test kit.

– Once you receive the kit, follow the enclosed instructions. Complete the chain of custody. Label the samples you collected correctly.

– Place the samples in the prepaid envelope and ship them back to the lab

– Once your DNA samples arrive at the lab please allow 3-5 business days for your DNA test result to be completed. How to collect a hair sample? The best way to collect hair samples is by combing hair or by using tweezers to pluck the hair follicle out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average turnaround time to receive your result is 3 business days from the date the lab receives all samples involved with your DNA test.

Yes. The type of DNA found in the hair strand without the root is called mitochondria DNA. This type of DNA can be used to determine maternity only.

The cost of a Hair DNA test begins at $289.99 for one hair sample and one buccal swab sample for an alleged father and child. Please contact IDTO today at 888-204-0583 to learn more about forensic DNA testing.

Yes. Especially the person is recently deceased. Our collectors normally acquire hair samples from the head of the deceased. If the deceased does not have hair on their head. We normally use another part of the body that has hair. Preferably using hair samples from the deceased arms or legs.

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