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The answer to this question is, Yes. In order to perform a DNA paternity test without an alleged father, child or both knowing. DNA samples would need to be acquired from one or both party’s involved with the paternity test. It is important to note, performing this type of paternity test can not be used for any legal purpose. The result is for peace of mind purposes only. Please keep in mind that the result will reflect the intended use of the document.

In addition, If you are a New York State resident the information in this post does apply to your state. Please contact IDTO at 888-204-0583 to learn more about our New York State paternity testing services.

How can I perform a paternity test secretly?

In order to perform a DNA paternity test discreetly. One would have to use unconventional samples. Below is a list of the most commonly used samples to perform a paternity test secretly.

1.Used Kleenex or Handkerchief – This option is a very effective option. If a person has nasal mucus in kleenex tissue it can be placed in a paper envelope to tested.

2. Hair follicle sample – This option is only useful when the follicle is attached to the white spec at the root of the follicle. Please note, you will need to acquire 8 to 10 hair follicles for this option.

3. Ear wax sample – This option is useful for cleaning out the ear with a q-tip and placing the q-tip into a paper envelope.

4. Bloodstains – This option is useful when you have blood on tissue, tampons, and band-aids.

5. Fingernails – It best to use freshly trimmed nails and placed them in a zip lock bag.

6. Cigarette butts – This is option requires 4 cigarette butts and they must be placed in a paper envelope.

These are some of the most commonly used items to use when attempting to perform a paternity test with an alleged father or child knowing.

Getting started:

  • The first step in the process is to contact IDTO and purchase a DNA test kit.
  • Next, your DNA kit will be mailed out to your home. Upon receipt follow the instructions.
  • Collect or place DNA samples in your prepaid return envelope and ship your samples back to the lab.
  • Once the sample arrives at the lab, it will depend on the type of samples used to determine how long it will take to receive your result. Forensic DNA test results have an average turnaround between 3 to 14 days depending on the sample. Please consult with an IDTO consultant on which sample you plan on using to better determine the turnaround time.

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